HAVEN - NASTEX Sell Sheet 01

HAVEN - Nas-Tech Anti Scratch and Bondi Fabric Options

Classic, roomy, and comfortable, the Haven Range offers versatile and adaptable additions to your home.

Upholstered in an easy-clean, high-grade, Nas-Tech leather- or High End Quality Bondi fabric with double stitching for durability, the Haven Design gives you the luxury look, without the matching pricetag.

Medium density polyurethane resin foam cushions also feature a pocket core, made up of tempered springs housed in individual pockets, to create a seating surface that adjusts to ensure the comfort of everyone who sits down.

A no-sag foundation give the Haven  seat cushions a strong foundation, while light density foam filled back cushions give a soft feel for you to sink back into

Available In Many Colour Options -  Nas- Tech Leather - Black , Elephant, Brown, Red and Prada

 Bondi Fabric - Scarlet , Midnight Jade, Buttercup, Wild Kiwi, Sweet Grape, Storm, Denim and Hawiian Sunset


HAVEN - NASTEX Sell Sheet 02
Haven Bondi -Sell Sheet
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